About Me

My name is Fionnuala Downhill( Known as Fionn), now that I am a “mature woman” I want to reclaim my full name.  I changed it to Fionn for the American market when I moved to the USA in 1996.  Everybody says it wrong anyways so do not worry call me Fionn or Fionnuala, I dont care much anymore!

In 2010 I travelled to England for Christmas this is a picture of me.  My hair had started to thin a little and I was starting to feel a little tired.  I had no idea that I had started menopause and all hell was about to break loose.  I weighed 144 pounds.  Over the next 8 years,   I would lose all my hair, Every single bit of it all over my body (Yes! all over), and gain 40lbs.  Even when I lost weight none of my clothes fitted me anymore because my shape changed.    I would go through days where I solidly convinced myself I was dying that it was simply not possible to feel this bad from menopause.  It started a time of doctors, naturopaths, books, etc.  etc.  trying to feel better.

This blog is about me, my experience.  I am not a doctor or a nurse so there is no medical advice, just my own personal experience which I hope will help other women make sense of this awful time.  If you are one of the lucky women who breezed through this and there are some, good for you sister but maybe you could read this blog to have some sympathy for your fellow high temperature sisters!.  I am not just going to talk about menopause but other subjects in my life where sharing my experience may help others.  Maybe I am just an inspiration in my own mind but I just wish I knew more than I did when I went through this and I do love to travel, cook and be with my family.  Therefore I will be writing on all those topics too.  Join my journey back to sanity ( I am not there yet) and maybe what I have to say will give you courage to believe “this too shall pass” on some of your worst days.  I know my old self is not coming back, there is a new self but the good news is that I never lost my sense of humor at times it was what pulled me through the worst days.

I am calling myself a second half of life Meno Blogger since I was way too busy to be a Mommy blogger.